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Meet Leiann

Art has been a passion within my soul since childhood. I knew it was going to be a strong influence on how I view and approach things. I am just as fascinated by the end result as the process it takes to get there.


In creating my works of art, my goal is to capture the spirit and character of the subject. I analyze and think about what makes it special and unique. Then I consider what attributes emphasize the personality. I think about shape, color, line, and motion. Once I get to know this and understand it, I can then choose how best to represent it.


You have a front seat to see how my mind processes things I experience, see and touch. The energy of a soul is not uniform it is forever changing. That is how I see my life, my art and myself. I hope to continue to grow, continue to change and to forever see things in a different way and in a different light.

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